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Who We Are

The Wright Company is a small company.  Not burdened by the politics and processes that large companies experience.  What does this mean to you?  Faster decision-making… faster response… personal service… not focusing on the dollar, but rather focusing on your needs.  If we are successful at this, the dollar will come.


What We Do

The Wright Company offers “personal” service to the corporate world.  Something that has been lost.  The Wright Company’s primary function at this time is to provide Laser Printer servicing and support.  This service is intended to “enhance” your current IT Helpdesk, not replace it.  By utilizing services provided by The Wright Company, your Technicians have more time to devote to Projects, Upgrades, Roll-outs, and the like.  It’s like having an extra body on staff, without the expense.  Manpower?  Not a problem.  The Wright Company has partnered with other leaders in the industry, and is prepared to handle any influx we may encounter.  Supplies?  We have em’.  If your organization is concerned about ISO9000.2001 certifications on toner supplies, GREAT!  We have you covered.




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